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I stopped smoking and I can not say how

I am sure that your ears are full of the fact that smoking is not healthy, and is harmful to you and the people around you, it is clear that the only product that says it is kills, and people are still buying it and I will not tell you why you should stop smoking. However, for anyone who likes to stop, but gives up before he tries – I think I have broken a good recipe. Because after 15 years with a cigarette on my lips in good and bad, I think I manage to get rid of "dry".

Never before had I tried, somehow this idea would always be suppressed in the claim that it was "better to smoke than to rub my nerves". Of course, I did not only smoke when my nerves were attracted – smoking rituals connected at all times when everything was potty, when it's hard for me, when it's fun, when I'm hungry and when I'm sitting, when I'm excited, when we're It's boring, if I have to concentrate, if I have to relax … Literally for everyone. On the other hand, I thought that there is not such a stress that can be measured with the situation when I stay out of the cigar and nowhere near the traffic lights; or when it takes five hours to spend at an airport that does not have a smoking room …

I have not ruled out the list of reasons for "for" and "against", which therapists advise, I have lost consciousness that I feel very miserable as an addict and the fact that many people, passionate smokers, saw how they stopped doing smoking at the time they told them bad news. So it can and does also mean – I will not wait for that moment.

And so I decided, burnt the plague and put out a bit to make a plan. It was clear that they would be tense – they say that the dependency on cigarettes is almost the same as heroin addiction, it is inevitable that you become fat and talk about smokers as patients. I was frustrated, but got the necessary information about "tricks" that might facilitate this process. It says that you have to drink so much water between meals if you have to pamper yourself every time with vitamin C and vitamin B, every time showering, because toxins come from you or what, before you go to sleep, alcohol, spicy, sweet and like. I've mastered it all and devised tactics, and in the event that it fails – plan B, his medications that I've heard are pretty effective.

The first was a test day. In the morning I bought a bag of sunflower seeds in the dish, which I normally do not like, but something seemed to help me in crisis situations. Unfortunately, they turned out to be a completely unacceptable solution when my hands started to shake, so I dropped the glass, so I sat on the floor for a while and cried like rain. They did not really help, even when I fucked the woman who pushed me into the bus and almost made an incident. They were so useless that I let them sneak into the kitchen at one point, but then I came to the back of my bag for half an hour, and calmed my nerves.

I keep in mind that I have these unfortunate seeds in the bag, but in the following days I have developed my technique "how to fuck yourself" – your body, used to normal and voluminous doses of nicotine and your mind, which is still more problematic. The point is that I will try to anticipate all situations in which my cigarette is meant. What initially required drastic changes in my daily habits.

For example, I avoided the first morning cigarette with coffee by replacing some coffee with a terrible tea whose taste would not improve the cigarette. Otherwise I would not burn as fast as I was my teeth, so I used it when I got home – I was my teeth when I think of the plague. Or I throw myself in the shower until I exhaust the entire water heater. After a meal I get so much water that I get sick. It is not pleasant, but it works, the bar to start with.

And I do not care if I behave like a madman, blaming myself with all kinds of real and completely irrelevant obligations and actions that can hold my attention for some time – going to the store to buy sour candy, cleaning every day with different creams, solo yoga in a try, matching glasses in colors and shapes, going to the gym for exercises that I spent next to time and which calories, playing stupid games on the mobile, I started cooking and I started make-up off and make it for work, then when I get up early …

Every day I drink vitamins, and since I realized the problem of concentration, I started drinking ginkgo in capsules. I do not know if it really works or I'm just trying to do it, it's completely non-existent – in this case I think the goal justifies the means, and I was sufficiently worried that I was not blamed for grossly neglecting myself . Otherwise it was very busy at work, because these breaks are the best moments of a working day. I do not miss them, but instead of cigarettes in my mouth I carry a candy or a lollipop, and it is no shame for me to keep an unforgettable cigar.

Yes, another important moment in my case was to announce to everyone in the area that I quit smoking. First, they will have more understanding for my crises, emotional outbursts and all insane madmen. Secondly, if I give it up, it will be a public error and if I know myself, I will do everything I can to avoid it. In this type of company it is also a kind of side-by-side support, no matter how much you are in that fight with you.

In the first place, however, mean the changes you notice in yourself.

Only two days after the last cigarette I stopped coughing in the morning and people began to notice that I was no longer "pale green". After a week I started to feel how many things were smothered with tobacco smoke and how bad it was, I stopped to pamper myself so quickly and I started to feel more powerful to feel flavors and smells. It is not negligible that I realized two weeks later that this entire campaign yielded a lot – for the first time I did not want to wait until the end of the month had completely decoded.

Nonetheless, despite all this, I remain seductive every day and sniff a half hell in a bowl. Fortunately, physical dependency seems to be treated quickly and now, when I give it up and down, it slows down in my head and makes me sick, and my head hurts and it hurts my lungs and sweats and smokes my heart and I return to the "regime" ".

And today, 20 days after a big decision and just on the national holiday without tobacco smoke, I waited until I woke up and that my cigarette was not the first thought. I hope that this will be the first sign of the victory of psychological dependence.

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