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Most people, however, think that crying is mainly associated with a deep sense of sadness, but it also has its own good side.

According to psychologists, salaries are good and healthy, and many crying people are special.

The next time you're on the verge of tears, remember these few things about crying.

Crying reduces stress

If you are a person who can easily deal with emotions and knows how to express them, you will find it easier to deal with difficult life situations. After you pay back your & # 39 ;, feel relieved and you can clearly see the situation that tore you in your eyes.

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You show that you are not afraid of your feelings

Crying is also a sign that you are not afraid of what you feel. Crying is a sign that you accept your vulnerability and sensitivity. It is a sign that you are a strong person and that you call things real names.

Crying is also a sign of a healthy heart and brain.

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You show how courageous you are

People who show their emotions are brave and authentic. It is more important for them to live their truth than to worry about what others will talk about. Moreover, they know that others also show their true feelings more often, but they do not dare because they have to keep this, often fake, image of themselves that they have made.

Crying helps to stay in balance

When you accept your feelings and cry is part of the acceptance process, it will be easier to let go of the feelings that you love, you will penetrate.

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