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Igor Kojic He decided that after a long time, and wrote that it was his marriage to Severin came to an end, announced and broke the silence. Although the news is that it is Severina bila neverna, repeatedly denied, the media still does not stop speculating and writing about their lives. That he never had a relationship with the singer Tomislav Voštinić he said personally.

Severina and I are good friends. We have nothing but words of praise for her. True, she came to my winery, but she was not alone. There were still many people there. Nothing happened between the two of us. Everything I read in the papers is funny to me. I understand her life is interesting to the media – Tomislav said a few days ago for “Informer”.

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Igor Kojic

Immediately afterwards, speculation arose that Igor Kojić was in a very bad shape after all.

– He was shocked when he read in the newspapers that his wife was unfaithful to him and that she sailed the Adriatic with Tomislav this summer. He called her immediately and asked for an explanation. Seva has always claimed that Voštinić is “just a good friend” – says the source, revealing that Igor has only one wish after all:

– He said to her, “I don’t care what happened, I forgive you everything, just come back to me.” Igor really noticed this. So he began to visit monasteries in Serbia and pray to God to be with Severin again.

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Aware that too much was being written and said in the media, Igor Kojić decided to break the silence. For the first time since serious speculation about divorce began, son of Dragan Kojić Keba, wrote a post on his Instagram profile that surprised many.

Discussing half-truths is like killing mosquitoes on the cheek. You may kill them or not, in the end it is only certain that you will be beaten – wrote Igor and only now has he started an avalanche of comments. Whether he thought it was a lie that Severina was cheating on him, or that it was a lie that he wanted to reconcile, remains a major dilemma.

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