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Make a sexy electric car, like Tesla

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Tesla Roadster

Beauty is, as they say, in the eye of the observer. Yet an attractive design is not what most people think first when they see one of the modern electric cars.

Many believe, however, that the American manufacturer Tesla is different from that of the competition and that its models are much more attractive than the electric rivals currently available on the market.

Among them is the German Minister of Economy Peter Altmayer, who thinks that car companies from his country should follow the road started by the company Tesla. He gave his opinion on the design of electric cars on one panel to discuss technologies of the future.

Tesla Motors

I wonder when Mercedes, Volkswagen or BMW will make a half sexy electric car like Tesla – said Altmayer.

When we talk about the attractiveness of electric models of our companies, I think they should come up with a number of fresh design ideas with customers – he added.

Given that all three German manufacturers have announced an "electric offensive" in the coming years, it remains to be seen whether they will listen to their minister's suggestion.

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