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Maria turned to Miljan, DADILY intervened! SKANDALOZNE SCENE! (VIDEO)


2019/05/15. 18:57

Miljana Kulic

Photo: Screenshoot Youtube

Miljana Kulic has been very tired lately and her mother has been largely affected Marija Kulic.

During the previous night, Miljana broke down again and started crying around the building crying and finally entering the house where her son, mother and nanny were.

Miljana tried to wake Maria, although Zeljko's babysitter warned her not to do it because he had a headache. Miljana nevertheless persisted.

"Mom, get up, please, I'm not good," Milyana woke up with a crying voice.

"Stop that, this boy is watching you," she told her.

Marija Kulic

Photo: Screenshoot Youtube

"What have you come here," Maria answered angrily.

"Miljana, go out right away, don't traumatize a child," said the babysitter.

After Miljana persistently cried to her mother and constantly cried and said she was not well, Maria said furiously:

"Wait until I take a belt here so I can take it out!" "Who is far away, dead?" Don't cry, watch your child look at you! Isn't that a shame? "Go away!"

See how it all looked:

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