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Mass production of marijuana begins: "We cover domestic needs, and we also export and export"

Thanks to the amendments to the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which entered into force on 25 April, Croatia offered companies that had registered themselves to produce drugs the possibility of including cannabis in their range.

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Photo: depositphotos / karnauhov

Photo: depositphotos / karnauhov

It is a great fear that Croatia will soon become a serious manufacturer and exporter of marijuana for medical purposes.

Not only would cannabis medicines no longer run out in pharmacies, it is a case nowadays, but they would be much cheaper than the present with the label of the domestic product.

Precisely because of the high price in pharmacies, most patients who make it from this plant, pomegranate is mainly supplied to the black tritium, fits the new "Globus".

In addition to farmers and pharmacists, the new branch of production, which until now has been excluded from the law, offers countless opportunities for the development of health tourism, as there is a growing number of people in the world who want marijuana, and Croatian health institutions can provide them with treatments.

Domai, as well as foreign investors who are ready to start production, knock on the door, says Globus.

Thanks to the amendments to the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which entered into force on 25 April, Croatia has been able to include cannabis companies in their range of companies registered for the production of medicines.

For several years, doctors have been able to prescribe such products to patients for certain diseases, but they have been imported by them because production was not permitted in Croatia.

http://oglasicdn.novilist.hr/www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=1545&campaignid=1010&zoneid=61&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.novilist.hr%2FVijesti%2FHrvatska%2FKrece-masovna-proizvanenja-proizvanenja-proizvanenja-proizvanenja in-Croatia-Covered-we-domestic-needs-prepare-and-export & cb = f91f8d1529 "width =" 1 "height =" 1 "border =" 0The Ministry of Health, or its analysis and recommendations sector for the use of Indian cannabinoids for medical purposes, is largely disadvantaged and the government has accepted very bold legal changes that many of them expect from impatience.

Among them is & # 39; Gradska Pharmacy Zagreb & # 39 ;, which is active within Zagreb Holding and runs the largest pharmacy chain in the city. Her administration informed Globus that they "were interested in cannabis processing and provided Croatian healthcare with various forms of medicinal products containing natural cannabinoids from the cannabis plant".

"We are currently working on a capital project for a completely self-designed procedure for the use of hemp grown in Croatia for medical use in healthcare, including contracting cannabis cultivation with Croatian breeders approved by the Ministry of Health, as well as further processing and extraction of cannabinoids with the final production of various pharmaceutical forms of drugs for the individual needs of patients or for small production batches ", kau in the" City Pharmacy "for" Globus ".

In the coming six months, the Minister of Health, with the agreement of the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of the Interior, must adopt a Rulebook on the method and criteria for granting approval for the cultivation and production of cannabis for medical purposes.

The ministry states that the approval for cannabis cultivation for medical purposes is only granted to legal persons with the permission of the Medicines and Medicines Agency (HALMED) for the production of medicines.

Based on the experiences of other countries, it is estimated that 200 to 500 kilos of marijuana should be used for medical purposes in Croatia, a "Globus" cake.

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