“My daughter and I get IVs every day, they take blood from us. THIS IS HORRIBLE!”

Suzana Peric and her daughter Tiffany are infected with the crown, and the maker reveals that neither she nor her daughters can get out of bed for weeks.

– This virus is terrible. Tiffany and I have been sick for two and a half weeks, we’re not getting out of bed. Every day we get IVs, they take our blood, then there are scanners, X-rays of the lungs … Besides really terrible symptoms, muscle pain, nausea, fever, there is also care for my daughter, mom and dad who are two floors below us . This is a really terrible situation – says Perić to Kurir, adding that our doctors are real heroes struggling to help the sick.

– The doctors have helped me a lot, they are all great and helpful. In addition to professionalism and knowledge, a psychological approach is also important in this situation – she says.

Suzana calls on all people to wear masks.

– Be careful and stick to the beat. The medical staff is overworked and too tired! We must be responsible. This virus is terrible and persistent. Only when you feel it on your skin will you understand what this is. We all have to be careful. I appeal to people to wear masks, I don’t go anywhere without them. If you are sick, if your child is sick, if you are afraid of your parents, then you are afraid. You ask yourself a thousand questions out of fear. Then you wonder what if you infect someone, what if the condition gets worse … In one room me, in another Tiffany. Horror … – she says.

The creator says that the support of friends and family means a lot to her, and that she is only now realizing how rich she is.

– I have never received so much support and love from all people and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart and over the moon. In these moments, realize how important only true human values ​​are. In this difficult moment, I saw my friends who were there for me and my family for 24 hours. Everyone showed so much care and love to make me cry with happiness that I experienced it. My sister is my greatest support. Even though he is in Germany he calls me every day, he seems to be encouraging me to give me strength. We were only talking about the future and she didn’t give me a moment to think that something was going to go bad. She had a psychological effect on me and sent me all the love and energy – concludes Suzana.

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