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News online / Leisure / Auto-moto / How FCA Maserati has ruined

Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) admits that they made a mistake in positioning and strategically developing their premium brand Maserati.


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FCA has brought less than 10,000 Maserati to the US market this year, which is even 16% less than the first ten months of 2017.

The decline in interest in China, the world's largest market, and WLTP's new environmental standards have further influenced the decline in production, resulting in a turnover of only 26,400 units by Maserati in 2018, which is even 50,000 less than the target for this year the former director of FCA Sergio Marconi.

In June, the FCA lowered its target to 50,000, but this is not realistic for Maserati, because to get that figure, companies have to sell 24,000 cars in the period October-December.

This is a third more than the results that Maserati had in the last quarter of 2016, so it is clear that the Maserati will not reach the planned target.

The lack of new models is the biggest brand problem, but the key is the positioning of the market.

The new director of the FCA, Mike Menley, thinks the company was wrong to promote Maserati almost as a "brand for the masses", and as a new mistake, Maserati and Alfa Romeo merged under the same roof.

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