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Neymar Draxler: Who are you talking to me like that?!

Things in Paris Saint Germain are not doing well. The club is struggling with poor results and internal unrest, and the last in a row is the conflict between Neymar and Julian Draxler.


Getty Images / Shaun Botterill

In the last five league matches, Saints recorded only one win, which also seems to affect team mood and interpersonal relationships.

Regardless of the home team's sixth title for the past seven years, Tomas Tuhela's team is not in a good mood.

After beating Montpellier 3-2, in the 34th round of League One, there was a crazy fight between the Brazilian and German football players.

Draxler would have persuaded Neymar to play randomly, which the Brazilian didn't like at all, and he asked his teammate with a raised tone:

"Who do you think you're talking to me like that? You only play backbones!"

Nevertheless, not only were words left and the golgeter tried to hit his fellow player, Le Parisien said. Coach Tuhel and sports director Antero Enrike had to respond to separate the guilty rookies.

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