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Online politics – Fuel is cheaper again

Fuel in Serbia remained cheaper, as "Politika" wrote in the beginning of the week, so a liter of gasoline cost about two dinars a day and diesel after a long time for the first time for about 50 pairs, with the tendency to further price fall .

What could spoil the "luck" for drivers, however, is the extremely low water level of the river, making it more difficult to bring oil and derived products to inland vessels in the coming days. And stopping ships with this cargo is an extra cost for the oil companies that end up in the driver's pockets.

– The price of fuel can already be lower for not being imported. This means transport costs are not possible. Although this is not a significant reduction of derivatives, it is important, especially when it comes to Eurodizel, says Mićović.

He remembers that one third of the Eurodiesel has been imported and that 90% is being transported by the Danube. For example, 530,000 tons were imported on an annual basis, just like in 2017. The problem is that the low water level of the Danube started at the end of July and that it takes too long. It is good that the price of oil is falling and that since October 3, when it was about $ 85, a barrel dropped to 72. This price drop was not felt by drivers, to the extent that the pumps were hit, which is due to the fact that many others factors.

– Market conditions dictate the speed of price changes in both directions. In some countries they are controlled, in others there are three or four refineries and the question is when it has bought oil. It is certain that there is no possibility that some companies have a tendency to change prices in any direction. Market competition and other business conditions dictate the speed of change – Mićović explains.

He says it is unrealistic to expect crude oil prices to drop in a few days, fuel will be cheaper immediately, on the note that fuel is always more expensive when prices rise faster than they are cheaper.

– Oil is bought somewhere in the Mediterranean and has to be shipped to Serbia, which costs. So the countries in the Mediterranean can buy derivatives directly and immediately at these prices. Serbia, which is remote, has logistics and transport. That is why the speed of price changes is not the same in every country and depends on many factors – Mićović emphasizes.

Most importantly, the market of derivatives in Serbia is working well and the American sanctions against Iran have not continued with the supply in our country, which might have happened, he concludes.

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