Owner Kanal 9 in Belgrade

A member of the REM council, Aleksandra Jankovic, said in a joint speech with the owner of the Novi Sad-based K9 television, Maja Pavlovic, who has been hungry for 19 days, that this body, as a sort of mediator, requested it. will transfer to Prime Minister Ani Brnabic.

After meeting with Maja Pavlovic at the REM, Jankovic said a coordinated action and a quick response. and that the prime minister is the right place, as a place where problems from different ministries discussed by Pavlovic are united.

According to her, there is no need for a solution that "extinguishes a fire", but to create a situation with constant support for local television.

She is convinced that Brnabic will receive the interview by Maja Pavlovic.

Janković said that neither REM nor Maja Pavlović intended to put pressure on the court.

Maja Pavlovic told reporters that she will continue the hunger strike and only interrupt him if the first points of her request are met, as it is possible that this will happen quickly.

"We are not asking to make certain decisions, but to make," Pavlovic said, adding that like everyone else, that television has the right to end the proceedings within a reasonable time.

She said that her involvement was not related to REM's work, but to the actions of some state institutions "that put us in a situation of economic exhaustion so that it cannot survive."

She added that she asked REM to place herself as a sort of mediator and her impression that they "understood".

"In Serbia, 125 electronic media have been closed in silence, I cannot allow this to happen to K9 after twenty years," said Pavlovic.

She stated that she had the impression that she understood & # 39; was in REM.

Maja Pavlovic arrived in Belgrade earlier today where she continued the hunger strike in front of the REM building on Nikola Pasic Square in the center of the city. Representatives of the Association of Journalists and representatives of the Association for Serbia were supported by REM for REM.

According to the representatives of the Independent Journalists Association of Vojvodina and the Association of Journalists of Serbia, Nedim Sejdinovic and Rade Jernic, they were not allowed to enter the meeting without explaining this, although they agreed with Maja Pavlovic.

As they said, they were planning to be with her because she was exhausted a few days ago by a hunger strike and because the problem with the K9 was systemic.

Requests from Maja Pavlovic

Maja Pavlovic enters the 19th day of the hunger strike because she believes that the functioning of the state and the judicial authorities is in danger Channel 9.

Palovic demands that the Organization of Serbian Phonogram Producers (OFPS) withdraw all enforcement and receive TV Kanal 9 money that has been removed from the solutions for which the director of that television claims to be illegal. Due to these commitments, the TV Channel 9 account is currently blocked.

The Ministry of Justice is requested to institute preferential treatment for the Administrative and Supreme Court of Cassation within one month and for the Constitutional Court to complete the TV Kanal 9 procedure within 30 days.

Maja Pavlovic insists that the Ministry of Telecommunications will allow the extension of the agreement with JP Emision Technology and Connections (ETV) for the final resolution of the dispute before the Administrative Court and that the signal from TV Kanal 9 during that period not excluded.

The director of this Novi Sad television also asks the Ministry of Telecommunications to introduce an amendment to the rules on ETV fees for local broadcasters.

Competition for local broadcasters, Pavlovic emphasized, was announced after Serbia took over the obligation to digitize, and the competition did not mention any possibility of raising the fee paid by local TV channels to the electronic communications regulatory authority (RATEL) ), which replaces the allowance paid today ETV-in.

According to Maja Pavlović, the compensation that local broadcasters must pay to ETV cannot be higher than the compensation that local broadcasters have paid to RATEL.

Pavlovic states that TV Kanal 9's demand for return to distribution via the IPTV system is still unanswered. The requests emphasize that, in accordance with the law on information, the distributor may not refuse to distribute the media, and therefore it is Telekom Srbija's obligation to return the television channel 9. The contract with that television is said to have been canceled because it was allegedly for TV distribution Kanal 9 in Novi Sad has no technical capabilities.

Maja Pavlovic urges the Ministry of Education to introduce a change in the rate changes SOKOJ – organization of music authors from Serbia and OFPS. It considers that the fees paid to these organizations are unlawful.

The Ministry of Culture is required to make changes to the Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (REM) for the calculation of broadcasting rights, ie broadcasting rights for local and regional broadcasters. TV cells.

The requests from Maja Pavlović have been warned by the Ministry of Finance that TV Kanal 9 had a tax inspection inspection on December 22, 2015, in which she discovered that a certain number of people were training at the time of checking on that television. They all had regular training contracts, which another legal entity performed at TV Kanal 9.

These people are taking over the Kanal 9 TV channels and contributing to the revenue as early as July 2016, and the funds, reportedly, in the amount of about 300,000 dinars, were forcibly collected on the account of this television. TV Kanal 9 filed complaints that did not include the execution, and so far, despite the official verdict of the Ministry of Labor, no decision has yet been taken on the profession that training is not a working relationship and that any compensation during training is not a salary.

Maja Pavlovic demands that this procedure is finally completed after almost four years.

One of the requests was sent to the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, who claims Pavlović to "punish TV Kanal K9" through a project co-financing system, allocating a minimum amount of 200,000 dinars per year. According to Pavlovic, such procedures are mainly concerned with the loss of members of national minorities because TV Kanal 9 cannot finance the type of program itself.

The requests also state that TV Channel 9 "chicane public companies and institutions" that run Serbian Progressive Party staff cancels long-term contracts. In this way, Maja Pavlovic points out that television has an unequal position compared to TV Delta and TV Novosadska, who are allocated money on the basis of similar contracts.

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