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Politika Online – One third of people in Serbia suffer from allergies

The number of allergy sufferers is increasing year by year, and experts estimate that one third of people in Serbia suffer from the symptoms they cause, such as sneezing, coughing, eyelids, redness on the skin … People suffer most from allergens such as pollen, mites, dust, but the powerful reactions of the organism are also registered after stinging insects, taking certain medicines, using some food, staying in the sun, using cosmetic products.

In the interview for "Politika" pulmologist, Dr. Tatjana Radosavljevic emphasizes that every child will be allergic by 2050, especially in highly developed countries and cities. However, the misconception is that allergies can only occur in children, because it can occur at any age, even in middle-aged people.

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Almost 30 years ago there was almost no medical concept that would mark allergy. However, environmental changes, air pollution, climate change, disrupted plant life cycles have received a tribute that has manifested itself in the more frequent occurrence of allergies. This is also due to the increasing use of pesticides and antibiotics that come to earth and food, both plants and animals. Keeping children "under the bell" is also the cause of increasingly common allergies, and the forms and manifestations are changing so that painful or chronic fatigue and even headache can be manifestations of allergies – says Dr. Radosavljevic.

Allergy triggers, allergens, can be inhaled, nutritious and in contact. Inhalations include pollen from trees, grass, weeds, dust, mites, and animal hair in food such as eggs, cow's milk, peanuts, wheat flour, fish, seafood, while contacting various chemicals, cosmetic products,.

Locations in which pollen is measured (Source Agency for Environmental Protection)

Allergens cause different symptoms in citizens. There are people who irritate respiratory tracts, such as sneezing, coughing, increased nasal discharge, and some who cause skin redness, itching, eczema … Sometimes allergic people experience breathing difficulties, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and it happens and there is lightness , fainting, heart problems. Dr. Tatjana Radosavljević notes that special attention is caused by allergic asthma, as one of the very common and potentially dangerous forms of respiratory allergies, where the use of the diagnostic method of spirometry is very important.

– Spirometry is very simple. This is about the so-called measurement of lung capacity. On that occasion, the patient inhales the device, first completely calmly, such as while sleeping, and this is recorded in the findings. Then he breathes heavily, up to the limit of maximum, and in the first second he draws as much air as possible from the lungs. Based on this, you can see the reduced power in the smallest parts of the lungs, which is of particular importance for the detection of allergic asthma – explained our conversation partner.

Anaphylactic shock

Drug allergies, including those on penicillin, can lead to anaphylactic shock. It develops rapidly and can also occur as an injection that patients have previously received without problems. In this case, the cells called mast cells shoot and circulate the most dangerous substances, which can lead to throat congestion, acute lung failure, lowering blood pressure, heart failure, and often to death.

– In this case it takes a few seconds, so it is necessary to use the so-called anti-shock therapy: adrenaline, corticosteroids, synopsies, but also heart massage, artificial respiration and intubation, or a degree of excitement. Such a patient, if this happens outside of health care, must be transferred to a care institution as soon as possible or, if it happens in the hospital, be transferred to an intensive care unit, where it receives oxygen therapy, medicines to raise blood pressure. It is not only medicines that are responsible for these conditions. These can also be shellfish, peanuts & strawberries – says Dr. Radosavljevic.

Problematic insect stings

A number of patients can react very strongly to the sting of the insect, as histamine lights up on that occasion, which, together with all other substances, can lead to a dramatic clinical picture, the closing of the voices, the island head and even the fatal ending. The group of insects that are at the top of the dangerous is horned, axes, bees and fewer spiders. – If a severe reaction to stab wounds occurs for the first time, the person should be treated immediately in the emergency department, where they will receive corticosteroids or adrenaline ampoules. If a person knows it is allergic, it is advisable to have the epiphytes with adrenaline, or an ampoule of urbasone, in the form ready to give quickly. If the symptoms are not very pronounced, it is possible to get rid of antihistamines or the use of fat with corticosteroids – adds Dr. Radosavljevic.

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