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Protest of the Alliance for Serbia in Krusevac

Hundreds of people took part in a protest walk in Krusevac on the occasion of an attack on one of the EU leaders for Serbia, Borko Stefanovic, who took place in that city last Friday. After the protests in the streets of the city, the Cultural Center organized a "Stop Bloody Shirts" platform.

Unlike last Friday, the opposition collection tonight in Krusevac passed peacefully. Started by a protest walk with votes and messages from the authorities to actually encourage political violence and attacks on the opposition.

As participants in the protest say, in such an atmosphere, what happened Friday in Krusevacit was expected.

Three were arrested for this attackand at the expense of a crime, violent behavior at a sporting event or a public occasion.

Borko Stefanovic told the protests in Kruševac that it was actually a murder attempt.

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& # 39; You saw that she was transferred to the public prosecutor's office. Therefore, it is possible that, in my opinion, the unequal qualification of the work will be changed. It is therefore not violent behavior during a sporting event and a public meeting. We did not play football, we were attacked because of our political opinions, "said Stefanovic.

A protest walk to the town hall, accompanied by whistles to the local authorities, was completed in the Cultural Center where the "Stop Bloody Shirt" stand was held.

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Many leaders of the Alliance for Serbia came to Krusevac. The first speaker, however, was Krusevljanin Bojan Jovanovic, who also got injured last Friday.

"My teeth are broken At the moment only three have been discovered, according to my knowledge there are about nine, that is, nine The city is alive after this incident is very scary You are surrounded everywhere, you expect the same thing with you I hope that the police and the judiciary will find the perpetrators and punish them adequately, "Jovanovic said.

In the Alliance for Serbia, they announce that they will continue to organize protests and tribunes, which, as they say, are attended by more and more people despite the fears of society.

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