RADA MANOJLOVIC IS MARRIAGE! He wants to fulfill his father’s greatest wish, LEAVE ALL AND GO WITH HIS LOVE! (PHOTO)

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As insiders claim, everyone around her thinks now is the right time, and that she should not wait any longer but start her own family and get married in Belgrade! Regarding buying an apartment, Rada would like to stay in the same neighborhood where she lives now, because she is already used to people and believes that a good neighborhood should not be changed.

– Rada and her sister have lived in the same location for years, so it should come as no surprise that she wants to buy an apartment there! They are just used to the neighbors, to the people where they go shopping in front of the house and somehow feel unencumbered, they can take to the street, go to the store without being completely tidy, they can just be natural – says a source familiar with the young singer’s life.

– Her father hopes that he will get married in Belgrade, because they have completely cleaned up the house in his hometown and they have nothing more to do in the house or in the house! She also gave her dad her old car when she bought a new one, so it can be said that she delivered them in full. His greatest wish is to see his daughter in a white wedding dress and give birth to his grandchildren, if that happens, no one will be happier than him – the source added.

Rada often jokes about herself, so this time she posted a photo on her Instagram profile, where she is dressed in a wedding dress and waiting for her lover.

– Harris, it’s your turn – her fans said in the drawing!

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