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Rain today, for weekend temperature shocks, next week POTOP! And by the end of the month … inexplicable!


2019/08/05. 19:10 – 09/05/2019. 00:36

In tomorrow's Serbia it will be moderate to cloudy, tomorrow to the north and west, and during the day and in other parts it will be quite cloudy and local thunderstorms accompanied by thunderstorms

Dive over Belgrade

Dive over Belgrade, photo: ALO!

Overnight rainfall is predicted. The wind will be a light breeze from the west and southwest.

The morning temperature varies from 5 to 11 a the highest daily of 14 to 20 degrees Celsius, RHMZ announced. And in Belgrade tomorrow it will be moderate to cloudy, & # 39; noon and & # 39; afternoon, occasionally with rain. The wind is weak and temperate, west and southwest. Morning temperature around 11, the highest daily around 16 degrees Celsius.

There is fog in the morning, it still rains in the east and southeast, and during the day there will be a gradual unrest and a slight rise in temperature. Mostly sunny and warm on Saturday. On Sunday, it stays warm with rainfall and local thunderstorms, affecting the western and southwestern regions in the middle of the day, and the other end of the day for the rest of the day.

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Then, until the end of the period, that is on May 16, the cloud will prevail with rain and frost. Local precipitation is expected locally, especially in the western and southwestern regions.

Next week – dive!

Monday and Tuesday are cloudy and mostly dry weather, but it is an overture of what awaits us from Wednesday and awaits us – a dive!

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On Wednesday, intense rainfall, as well as on weekends, with a temperature around the average for this time of the year.

On Monday, May 20, another row of sunny, warm weather followed, sometimes with thunder and thunder.

The weather and usually without precipitation must be kept in the last week of this month.

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