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SanDisk: a microSD memory card of 1TB

SanDisk announced its own microSD card in February with the largest capacity yet, as it has approximately 1TB of storage space.

On this occasion, the company announced a new card for April 2019, to see it on the market in May. It is named "SanDisk Extreme microSD UHS-I Card – 1TB" and is also available at the SanDisk web store for a price of $ 450, and at Amazon & # 39; s store, but only in certain countries such as Spain and The United Kingdom. When it comes to the functions of the new product, the card offers a reading speed of 160MB / s and a writing speed of 90MB / s. Those unable to allocate the required amount can opt for a 512 GB SanDisk card that costs $ 200 and, in the Amazon & # 39; s store, is available in different countries.

Those who need to consider whether 1 TB storage space is in fact probably not the target audience for the latest microSD card, because it is primarily intended for those who store large music collections or record a large number of 4K video content, for example. Memory cards are an easy way to supplement the storage space of a material on a mobile phone, a camera or a tablet, because they increase the efficiency and productivity of the device with the help of them and while shopping it is of the utmost importance that users know their habits when storing material in question.

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