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Seven days to clean up the mess

Seven days to clean up the mess

If the previous derby was one of the worst, the crash of Red Star and Partizan last night was one of the best in recent years. Drama, uncertainty, finally – 207 points. The Red Star is on paper and an objectively better team, a series of better individuals, managed to win yesterday, but the impression is that it can play better. Partizan stood on the upper limit of the occasion and failed to reach the break. Now he has seven days to clean up the mess.

This first game was an opportunity for black and white. The pressure was higher on the stars, it could be seen by its players. The pressure of morality to win against his fans. Black and white were more relaxed, he was right Trinkijeri in the announcement of the competition. His dolls worked really well. When such competitions are always a big factor, happy or bad moves solve the winner's problem.


It was a bad move yesterday Djordje Gagic (an index of usability minus seven) when he made an unsporting personal mistake Billy Beron and also pushed the best Star player this season. If we ask for guilt, then it is the highest, but also gone Markus Paige (the usability index – minus two) that plays pretty thin most of the season. He announced against Zadar in the season to wake up, but it was only a short film. Last night he did not foresee what was expected of him. There is also a fairly pale party Ognjen Jaramaz (Index without use) and an insufficiently good game Alija Nikolić. That's not it Aleks Renfro glittered in defense and free throws Nikola Janković has been said so far.

Not everything was black, but on the contrary, Partizan would give more than 100 points to the biggest rivals, and that would be gone. Partizan fans can rejoice about how he played Rade Zagorac, he finally worked and hinted what could be expected of him. Vanja Marinkovic he played one of the best career games, while he was pretty good Stefan Jankovic, above this year's level. Novica Veličković – You don't have to waste the word of praise, although it could have made some attacks more rational. However, its importance for the team is much greater than the figures in the statistics. excellent Landale is already a constant. So there was a lead of more than 10 differences that few could expect after 11 points in the first quarter …

All this together is – very good, but not enough for the star. Not that last night, for shooting and with many players. When red and white come into the situation that they are taken out of the "boule" Covic, Dobric and Davidovac, then they know they are on the right track. Tomic has a wide range of choices.

What about Partizan now? What are his chances?

First of all to see situations with injuries. news he left Pioneer staggering, the jump joint is in question. It will be questioned for the review, now more assessments will be done. Landale there is a rounded hand at the end of the game, it does not seem that the more serious the problem is. The black and white were complete last night, so except news for whom we will just see what and how, everyone must be ready for the second game in the series.

Perhaps the best answer to the questions above (what and how to act?) he gave it last night Rade Zagorac.
"We have to stay seven days before, primarily, to emphasize the one-on-one defense that has hurt us the most. So we have a lot of work, lots of junk to clean up. We welcome the next game with optimism and motivation"Zagorac said.

Derby injuries result – 1: 1

He analyzed the match in which Zvezda led with 1: 0.
"An excellent game, probably more for spectators than for actors. Derby is something special, especially if this is a big problem and this importance is important. Interest and pressure are important, both toys and people. Two teams of equal quality, small details always determine the winner. This time it was Zvezda, I congratulate them mainly for domestic players".

In the following calculation, Partizan has the advantage of a home game.
"I think both teams are pretty well psychologically prepared, both in the matches for their fans and those ahead of others. So & # 39; n burden and so & # 39; n problem are the teams that don't have to deal with it too often. We still expect a tough and tense game in which the psychological part can be caught up".

He pointed it out Zagorac "Disorder", and it primarily refers to defense. Partizan failed. And first of all in defense one by one. These are all coaches that the player pointed after the game. It is too easy Beron and Rivers (he most in the first 20 minutes) jumped and beat the poludistance, and Covic pierced the first line of defense with his breakthroughs. They had better be black and white there, but they were happy to defend themselves Odža who in the derby at the end of the league action made a big problem in black and white.

The situation is clear, Partizan has to place the next two games in the final and one of the best players of the Steam Roller this season, Landale, says his team saw that he could play with the star and that this gives them confidence.
"We could have this sword. We have made major mistakes. Although we lost, I think we have gained enough confidence because we see that we can get them next time and I think we certainly want that. The next time we have to be better defended and not let them be light. I think we already know in which segments we need to improve for the next game. Seven days is enough to rest and prepare to wait for the next round"He said Landale after the match.

Extra confidence in black and white can be drawn from the fact that the next game is for their fans, that they have already done a lot of work and have drastically improved, that they have no more to lose. It will be easier for them to play for their fans. If it is the same, the pressure, just like the ping-pong ball, goes to the part of the star of the table again. And it will be even bigger than last night.

Partial disease exists, but not great. Certainly They are tricks he was angry with the aforementioned omissions, first of all in defense, but in general, when he stayed with himself, he couldn't blame his players. He has probably also looked at some of his decisions, first of all a change in the final, but … He knows that Partizan can hardly be better at the moment.

That's what the numbers say.

Partizan better free throws from the stars (72% versus 70% of the stars), better beat the three (13/30, 43.3%, red and white shot 35.5%), and the biggest difference was in the for two points (57.9% versus 73% red and white). He had Partizan the same number of rebounds as the opponent, he had seven more assists than the Stars and the number of lost balls made the rivals equal. He gave Partizan more points from the mistakes of his opponents, gave him more points from the racket, gave more points to the Stars from other chances, in half the game he had scored a much larger number of points by the players who hit the bank but this changed drastically, which is why Zvezda was the first to take the game and take 1: 0 in the series.

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