SHE WAS A GREAT SNACK, A NORMAL PERSON! Nikola Djordjevic’s brother about Sanja Vucic and their RELATIONSHIP, and here’s what happened after the TERMINATION!

SHE WAS A GREAT SNACK, A NORMAL PERSON!  Nikola Djordjevic's brother about Sanja Vucic and their RELATIONSHIP, and here's what happened after the TERMINATION!

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The ex-boyfriend of the singer Sanja Vučić from the group “Hurricane”, Nikola Đorđević, recently entered reality, where he quickly managed to win the sympathy of his roommates.

His brother Slavko Laketic has now spoken about his former daughter-in-law and about Nikola’s participation in the “Cooperative”.

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– He’s doing great, I think he caught the eye with his entry. Only one full hit made its appearance. I think he can swim in that sea. I’ve noticed a lot of girls run into him. He always caught the eye of the fairer sex, even before the reality. When he was in a relationship with Sanja, he was only loyal to her. Before her, he was a bait for women, as he said there, what he likes is what it is – says Slavko, looking back at Nikola’s relationship with Sanja Vučić along the way.

– Sanja was a great daughter-in-law. I have nothing bad to say, she is a positive and communicative girl. A very normal person, you would never say she is a singer from the most popular group. I don’t know the details of the breakup, their relationship was great. We don’t talk too much about these intimate things, and I really respect his every decision. When they broke up, they remained good friends. I never interfered with their relationship, but I’m sorry they broke up – says Nikola’s brother.

As it was written, the reason for the split between Sanja and Nikola is their growing disagreement. However, Nikola’s brother does not want to comment on the reasons, but he is sure that in reality he will be with the one he likes.

– It’s too early to say which girl is best for him. Whoever makes internal contact with him, it will be her. Tara Simov slowly approached him and I see they ended up in bed. We wait to see what will happen, maybe a girl is just waiting for him from the backyard. You never know – Laketic concludes for “Super TV”.

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