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Sloba drove Kia to Zrenjanin, and HIS MOTHER experienced LIFE!

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Although they had recently said that mutual relations between them had been softened, Kija Kockar and Sloba Radanovic apparently buried the war axes, which the singer confirmed when he discovered that he had recently driven his ex-wife to Zrenjanin.

Draginja Radanović

Draginja Radanović • TV Pink / screenshot

However, now a source near the family, Radanovic shows that Slobina's mother reportedly experienced a nervous breakdown when she heard that her son & # 39; a taxi driver & # 39; had played to Kristina.

– Draginja is sick with health, and Slobo has publicly praised that Kia in good relationships, without thinking about throwing his mother out of the clock – he started a story for the Star Source.

Slobodan and Draginja Radanovic
Slobodan and Draginja Radanovic • Goran Srdanov / RAS Serbia

She called to the phone and asked him why she was hacking when she had her car. Because of her she had to go to Belgrade quickly … She was very angry, and he was afraid to come back, so she told her that Kia had been in the car and hadn't bit because there was nothing between them. Slo Slones don't really like Kyu – the source concluded.

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