The advisory group JS-RS-SNP joined the SNS

NIŠ – The United Party – Russia Party – SNP, which has five councilors in the Nis Assembly, has joined the Serbian Progressive Party.

The vice president of Unified Serbia, at the same time the chairman of the district committee of that party in the Nišava district and the head of the National Party of the party SNP, Nikola Ilic at the press conference in Nis, pointed out the reasons why they decided to to join the Serbian progressive party unanimously.

"We have the greatest motivation to come to the Serbian Advanced Party policy of our president, Aleksandar Vucic, who delivers results in a successful, daring and wise manner, both internationally and domestically.This is the policy of new motorways. , new hospitals and factories, and we are the best witnesses of all of Niš, "Ilic emphasized.

Member of the presidency of the Serbian progressive party and head of the party group of the party in the Assembly of the city of Niš, prof. Dr. Zoran Perisic thanked the previous coalition partners for the sincere steps to come to the Serbian Progressive Party with the officials and numerous members of Unified Serbia in Niš, and pointed out that this is a step at local level and that this step is not related to political events at the level of the Republic.

"There is no overcompensation of power, and all agreements we had with Unified Serbia remain in force, but this parliamentary faction goes to the Serbian Progressive Party and I congratulate them," said Perisic.

By joining Serbia, the Serbian People's Party, which joined the Serbian Progressive Party, continued to announce the SNS Information Service at the Serbian Progressive Party in Nis, without members in the Assembly of the City of Niš.


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