The deadly disease is Bara Bali

The deadly disease is Bara Bali

Tourists traveling to Bali and other popular destinations in Asia should be aware of the new deadly disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The Ministry of Health in Indonesia says that the number of Japanese encephalitis patients in this country has increased.

A deadly disease can cause blindness, weakness and disturbances in the movement. The symptoms of the infection are fever, headache, suffocation, disorientation, tremor, paralysis and convulsions, especially in children.

The infection can lead to a coma and in 20 to 30 percent of cases and deaths. In those who survive in 30 percent of cases, neurological consequences persist.

The European Center for Disease Prevention claims that the infection is spreading to Asia and that cases have been reported in India, Pakistan and Japan.

Man is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, but the virus can also carry birds, blind mice, cows and pigs.

Unfortunately, most cases are currently recorded on Bali.

"In order to prevent the spread of the disease in Bali, we will shortly present a vaccine that will produce good results and we are currently working on immunization," said Vensja Sitohang, director of surveillance and quarantine at the Ministry of Health of Indonesia.

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