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The parade shifted for the day due to the president's obligations? – Politics

Preparations for the military police contaminate "Defense of Freedom" in Nis on May 10

Based on the decision of the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, the military police parade "Defense of Freedom", organized on the occasion of Victory Day on May 9, when Europe marked the capitulation of Nazi Germany in World War II, " "and for its time, the day after the international holiday that caused it, 10 May.


The office of the President of Serbia and the Ministry of Defense did not answer Danas' question whether the military parade had been relocated due to the & # 39; immediate obligations & # 39; from Vucic on 9 May.

Retired General of the Serbian Army Momir Stojanovic estimates that "the apparent adjustment of all, even international holiday dates, Vucic shows how much Serbia slipped into dictatorship." On May 10 the International Day of Physical Activity "Moving to Health" is celebrated, and often World Mother's Day, which this year "falls" on May 12, because it is celebrated every other week in May.

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic previously announced that the parade will be held on May 9, but then, in his frequent statements, he only said he had moved to May 10 without giving a reason. On May 9 there are various foreign political activities in Rome and Tirana.

The Office of the President and the Ministry of Defense until the conclusion of this edition did not respond to questions from our list of reasons for the "day after" military parade of the organized holiday, which was sent to them yesterday.

According to the Serbian constitution, the president of the republic has the authority to "order the army" in accordance with the law, as well as "to appoint, correct and dismiss the officers of the Serbian forces". General Stojanovic, former director of the Military Security Agency and former chairman of the Assembly's Security Control Committee, says that such provisions do not mean that the president of Serbia is the supreme commander, explaining that the army is ordered by the Supreme Command, alongside the president and the prime minister or ministers. If he had obligations, the military parade could be attended by other state officials, such as "in the normal world," when one of the officials is absent, he estimates.

– Moving a military parade on the occasion of the Victory over Fascism, and probably because of Vučić's obligations, is another clear indication of how much Serbia has fallen to autocracy, where everything is subordinate to one man. I expect that this parade will be misused for propaganda, political and party purposes, as was the case with the recent 20th anniversary of NATO aggression. Worrying is the increasing, more frequent and clearer abuse of the army for political purposes – says Stojanovic.

He estimates that military parades in Serbia & # 39; show the muscles for the home crowd & # 39 ;, who must be convinced that we & # 39; are powerful, strong and sovereign & # 39; to be. In his opinion, the army would be & # 39; without great splendor & # 39; need to be strengthened, and it is absurd to hold parades every year, which seems like in recent years. Such parades are not cheap, and in a poor Serbia that "wastes" money, it may be smarter, for example, to use social benefits, treatment of children, or incitement to birth.

– At the same time we hear with such a parade that we will not fight for Kosovo and Metohija and that we will not defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of that part of our territory. The mission of the army is the defense of territorial integrity and sovereignty, participation in peacekeeping operations in the world and participation in emergency situations in the country. After refraining from defending territorial integrity and sovereignty, the Serbian army will show on 10 May that it is ready for peacekeeping missions and emergency situations – says Stojanovic.

The Ministry of Defense has announced that the revision of the "Defense of Freedom" of the Serbian army and the Ministry of the Interior will take place on 10 May 2019. on the Nikola Tesla Boulevard in Niš, from 11 a.m. The display program includes the female defense of the infantry echelon, the contaminated part of the motorized echelon, the flight of the aircraft echelon and parachute desant. More than 4,000 members of the Serbian armed forces and the MUP are expected to participate, around 300 combat and non-combat vehicles and systems and around 40 aircraft. Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Army of Serbia, General Milan Mojsilovic, were present at the & # 39; Preparedness Check & # 39; for the presentation of the options.

Traffic in Niš has been difficult and slow since the beginning of this week. The north of the city, where the parade will be held, is completely closed to traffic on Monday, while students from the technical faculties and high schools are en route, and the residents of the "Stevan Sinđelić" settlement cannot even drive to apartments. In this part of the city you mainly see police and military vehicles.

The parade was initially announced for March 24, when NATO bombing of Serbia began, but "President Vucic's request" was withdrawn. The preparations for the "below that date" parade started very well, so at that moment the island and the lighting poles on it were removed on Nikola Tesla Boulevard.

It also shows what we don't have

– We who have ties with the army today have a strong impression in our mouths. We know very well that part of what will be shown during the military parade is not operational in the army. And on the calendars that are being shared today, there are pictures of weapons that we just want to purchase and that still don't have weapons – says the general in retirement, Momir Stojanovic.


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