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The term Zvezda – Mladost has changed

Total confusion: the term Zvezda - Mladost has changed

Either someone is playing seriously with the patience of the audience – who has little in anyway in super-league stadiums – or someone doesn't know how to do business. At least not seriously. Because the terms and conditions of super league competitions rotate in its sole discretion, everything is simply not a responsible move by the Superliga managers.

So after the change in the Partizan – Napredak match (instead of Sunday at 4 p.m., starts on Sunday from 6 p.m.), there was a new movement when it comes to meeting the Red Star – Mladost. And everything will be brought back to the old one, so the current Serbian champion will wait for the Lucens in the fifth round of the play on Sunday at 6 p.m., as planned, before announcing Friday that the game will be played from the 19th.

Anyone who has created a mess with terms is now unknown, and knowing how the Super League works is hard to have a valid two-liter statement literally overnight, it can be.
"On this occasion the club apologizes to all stars for the changes it could not have influenced and invites everyone who has a red and white color in their hearts to support the chosen Vlado Milojevic on Marakana on Sunday at 6 pm to the victory with which we would officially defend the championship throne ", said the club in a statement from Marakana.

All games of the 35th round start on Sunday at 6 pm and we remind you that it comes from the Red Star games: Mladost, Cukaricki – Proleter, Radnicki – Vojvodina and Partizan – Napredak. And all play-by-play matches on the program are tomorrow at 4 p.m. They include: Dinamo – Zemun, OFK Backa – Rad, Spartak – Radnik and Vozdovac – Macva.

If you can't change something …

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