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THIS STILL DISCOVER CARCINOMA FATS FOOD: Remove this food from the diet immediately! | Lifestyle

THIS STILL DISCOVER CARCINOMA FATS FOOD: Remove this food from the diet immediately!

Dr. Oto Varburg, photo: Wikipedia

investigation dr. Ota Varburg, a well-known biochemist and winner Nobel Prizehave shown the cells cancer used sugar as the primary energy source for its growth and expansion.

The phenomenon is known as the "Varburgov effect" and is characterized by a considerably higher capacity of carcinogenic cells to dissolve sugar, writes portal nefrka.hr.

How does sugar affect our health?

It is generally known that reducing the added sugar intake is beneficial for all population groups and age groups. Increased sugar consumption is considered to be one of the culprits for an increase in the number of overweight and / or obese children and adults. Sugar contributes to the formation of caries, considerably reduces the duration of natural teeth and their health, increases the level of triglycerides in the blood and lowers the level of good cholesterol (HDL).

Numerous studies have shown that sugar increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and contributes to the development of various chronic non-communicable diseases such as heart and blood vessels and diabetes. For this reason, the reduction in the consumption of added sugars is considered a healthy diet.

Sugar is not healthy.
Sugar is not healthy photo: Profimedia

Is this a solution?

Do we have to stop completely to consume sugar to increase our chances of surviving the tumor?

Unfortunately things are not that simple. The fact is that reducing carbohydrate consumption leads to metabolic changes in our body.

Without sugar intake, blood glucose levels are significantly lowered and there is less energy for tumor cell growth.

We can compare this with driving: while there are fuels, the car will normally move smoothly. But once the fuel is gone, your car will stop and will not continue until it is refueled. The same applies to cancer cells: while there is a source of energy for growth, they will grow and spread to your body. Removing sugar from the diet reduces the rate of cell proliferation and increases your chances of survival. Because of these effects, patients with malignant disease often exclude sugar completely from shaving and reach for the so-called. ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet and the effect on our health

The ketogenic diet is based on a high fat intake and a minimal carbohydrate intake. A restrictive diet leads to major changes in the body because it changes the primary energy source of our cells. Carbohydrate intake is reduced to only 5% of the total energy input. The average daily intake of carbohydrates in normal, daily healthy food is 45 – 55% of the total energy input.

Is the ketogenic diet the answer we are looking for?

Unfortunately, tumor cells are like viruses on your computer: they are very smart and always find the source of energy for their growth and expansion. To answer the question, we need additional research into the effect of sugar on the spread of cancer.

The restriction on consumption of consumption sugar is considered a desirable dietary measure, but the allegations of its anti-carcinogenic effect must be taken "with a delay".



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