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UEFA team of the year! – Sportske.net

The fans voted, 168,543, counted 1,853,973
vote, and these are the results.

Barcelona goalkeeper Mark Andre Theres stood on goal
Štegen, who was elected in 30.4% of the team.

The defense consists of Serhio Ramos (49.7%), Virginia of Dick (46.2%),
Rafael Varan (44.9%) and Marsello (61.1%).

The midfielder is the winner of the Golden Ball and FIFA "The Best"
prizes for the best player of the past year Luka Modric
(68.5%), which was found in the largest number of teams of all players
who were in the lead, there are still Chelsea players Ngolo Kante
(53%) and Eden Azar (57.9%).

The trio in the attack is Kilian Mbape (38.6%), the winner of the "Kopa" prize
for the best young player in the world, than Lionel Messi (63.7%) and
Cristiano Ronaldo (64.3%).

Interestingly, Real number beats in one piece in Barcelona
Players selected in the Team of the Year, the Madrigans reached the figure of 48
players in the top 11 of the UEFA election, while Barca in a corner of

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