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UŽAS U LESKOVCU: found dead in a coffee shop chronicle

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Russia started working on the creation of a new assault rifle

A new assault rifle is being developed in Russia and the designers have already made significant progress in their work, said the director general of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Industry

Illustration Photo: P. Milošević

POLICE POLLUTION PROBLEM: found heroin in his apartment and injured two inspectors

Угощен Б.К. (40) from the Temerin area suspected of drug trafficking. After investigating the suspect and searching the apartment, the police used about 450 grams of heroin

Saša Ilić photo: N. Paraušić

Forgive Saša Ilić in front of empty stands in Humska

We have appealed, but it was rejected – said the club's director from Humska, who last played the game against Novi Sad & Proleter this season.

Members of our team with dron "Gavran", photo P.Milošević

Serbian "Aurora" is exactly the "Erbas"

Students from the University of Belgrade were brilliant in the most prestigious aerial photography competition in Aachen, Germany. Our drones were delighted with the European professors

Photo: Marko Ristic

Basic "Mortal Kombat": every band must have its own tradition, the Antievirition Concert is ours

Group "Mortal Kombat", for the jubilee, tenth anti-supply concert. Milos Georgijevic Gera: It was a forum, nobody thought it would become a tradition

Goran Bunjevčević photo: N. Paraušić

First Memorial "Goran Bunjevcevic – Bunja" on May 21

It will be a special one and there will undoubtedly be a very emotional gathering of people who had the privilege of being a friend of Bunja, an employee, or a later employee – says Darko Kovačević

Illustration / Photo Depositphotos

CG: bankruptcies of fake companies

The Montenegrin police have brought criminal proceedings against 16 people, mostly founders of different companies, for illegality in the procedure of the abridged procedure of voluntary liquidation of companies

Photo: P. Milošević

Opening of "Ada Mola" on 24 May

A shopping center near Lake Savsko will open the door next Friday and 1,500,000 people will work on 90,000 square meters of space. Actions on the first three floors, the rest will be restaurants, cinemas and entertainment facilities

Ljubomir Obradovic photo: M. Vukadinovic

Obradovic has published a list of toys for Poland

The handball players play a double match with the selection of Poland, the first game is scheduled on Friday, May 31 in the "Crystal Hall" in Zrenjanin, while the return is scheduled on June 6 in Lubin

D.ото D.Dozet

SPIJUNKA: Brandy of wine

Director of "Srbijagas" Dusan Bajatovic produces wine, cabernet and rice and raspberry brandy on his estate on Fruška Gora. He doesn't sell it, he already gives

Photo: I. Mitić

UŽAS U LESKOVCU: found dead in a coffee shop

The investigating authorities assume that the young man lost his life because he handed over an overdose of caps, but more reliable information was only obtained after the autopsy

Photo: Tanjug

Vucic: From Belgrade to Cacak quickly within an hour

A large number of people from neighboring towns gathered in the village of Pakovo on their way to Cacak. It is estimated that there are more than 5000 citizens

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