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VIEW INTERVIEW BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY! I told the truth about Bobby, her family, her career, and then she told what her PRAYER defends against her … | stars

VIEW INTERVIEW BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY! I told the truth about Bobby, her family, her career, and then she told her what her PRIKA defense was ...

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Lepa Brena, who has just returned from Madrid, spoke honestly about her career, wife Bobby, granddaughter Alexander …

Do you run often? What kind of vacation do you prefer, passive or active?

– It depends how. I enjoy both the one and the other type of vacation. Of course it is even more fun with the family.

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How did you spend your time in Madrid, where did you return recently?

– In Madrid our wedding coupon Jon Cirjak celebrated his birthday. If you ask me if I have someone in my life that I loved and respected as much as a man who really helped us a lot since Boban and I started, but otherwise, that is definitely Jon. He was also an old Bobin sports manager. The feeling is wonderful when you follow such a human measure. He is 80 years old and still very active. To be one of the 150 people that he made a birthday, to be elected and to be a member of senior officials from all over the world, he was very emotional to me and honored himself.

What impressed you most about the celebration?

– Understanding life and seeing things differently. In our country, a man 50 or older is almost unpublished. This is especially true for women. They tell us that we have been adults for 30 years and men have a big advantage over us. That is why I am happy that I have visited a global company that has no prejudice and respects all the years, with respect for the work of others.

When you are with such people and you are surrounded by such mates, you know that you are in the right place and that you belong there. Which group do you belong to? Groups of some women?

– I feel that I belong to the same category of worthy and accomplished people, so I do not admit that the years are an obstacle to dealing with yourself, doing some work and dealing with yourself. One story: "When do you stop? Are you a grandmother, are you this or that …?" They annoy me and press. I perfectly understand what the show business means, but I will never surrender to primitivism, malicious and insignificant lifestyle and communication. I support all women to feel good, to deal with themselves and their careers, no matter how old they are and know that they are always good, worthwhile, beautiful and smart. I also do not accept antagonism against men. We must support each other, love and be respected.

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How do you feel in your skin now?

– I've never felt better in my life.

What do you like best as a mother, wife, grandmother, folk star?

– My every role is an integral part of my personality mosaic. I am filled in all fields – like a woman, like a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt … like someone doing his job. Believe me that every segment that I needed was needed, because if you get tired of everything, you can escape to another part or the role you need. When you are tired of your work and everything, you play the role of your mother and grandmother, you seek shelter in your family. If you keep your head above your head, you turn to the company. Every role is equally important and it is good that you have everything and take care of them.

How do you find the balance?

– In everything I mentioned. In family, work, friends, little things … I look forward to every new day and life in general.

Who is Lepa Brena when the cameras are gone?

– Lepa Brena is a person who comes on stage and plays two or three hours. When she has finished her work, she takes off her costume and sends him to the dry cleaners, removes makeup, enters the trainer and lives a very normal and modest life. I run with neighbors behind the house, I play with cats, I take care of my garden, I go around with my family, I visit grandchildren …

Where's the singing?

– It's great when your job is singing, it's actually not a job but a love. I read somewhere that out of all the arts that God consists of, he chose to sing his favorite art. For me, singing and communicating with your audience, creating and creating new songs, a very good therapeutic moment, because everything that is hard on my soul is thrown out of me by the song. You know I'm on the podium and I fall and I laugh, and I stand up, and I cry …

I think this kind of sincerity towards people is necessary because I think we are living in a time where it is very difficult for someone to say, "I like you", "I love you", "Sorry … try it again." We live in a time when the woman is not protected, where the old are not protected, nor the children … In my age it is a good thing to know, and it is also commendable to send that message to you not to be yourself.

I don't sing Unuku, but I play music

Does your grandson enjoy your mother's songs and what do you sing for him?

– We don't say anything to him, but we play him music. Aleksandra and Filip let him go because he is healthy, but we still don't sing. He is a beautiful baby and we just sit and wait for him to wake up so we can play and lick with him. He sleeps. And we just wait for the order when we take it in our hands.

Do your parents allow that or do they defend themselves for themselves?

Nobody defends us.

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