7 out of 10 new residents, assisted by a job broker, found a new job within 6 months: MOM

SINGAPORE: In 2017, seven out of ten relaxed local residents, assisted by the Taskforce for Responsible Cuts and Employment Facilitation, found a job within six months. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Wednesday (September 19) in a press release with the first report card for the Taskforce.

In 2017, a total of 9,120 people from 1,247 companies were eliminated. A quarter of that number assumed the supply of the Task Force for employment aid, including services such as matching jobs.

The task force, which was established in March 2016, consists of members of MOM, Workforce Singapore (WSG), National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) and the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i).

Last year, 90 percent of the contamination companies paid austerity benefits for local employees with at least two years' service.

MOM also said that, with better economic conditions, the share of branches that have benefited from austerity benefits has increased by years of service.

For companies that did not pay austerity premiums, financial constraints were one of the main reasons for not making disbursements, MOM said.

"Many of the job seekers who were posted, as well as their recruitment companies, used the WSG Adapt and Grow programs and services to facilitate the competitions," said the chairman of the Taskforce, Mr. Tan Choon Shian .

"It was important that such individuals and employers had an open attitude and were willing to accept potential recruits or recruitment opportunities that might not have been obvious at first."

Mr. Tan also recognized the efforts of easing employers to ensure that the needs of their affected employees were treated fairly, as were the unions that supported such individuals.

"The Taskforce will continue to inform companies about responsible austerity practices, and improve our reach and help to the battered local population to help them find profitable jobs," he said.

One of the beneficiaries of the Taskforce is 58-year-old Mrs Foo Meng Tit.

She previously worked as a trust officer at Singapore Turf Club (STC). After 38 years of service, she was reluctant when STC was restructured in July 2017.

NTUC's e2i coached Madam Foo in the "dos and don" ts "when looking for vacancies, MOM said. She also attended an employability camp to learn essential skills in job search.

She was referred to three administrative functions for customer services. She took up one of the offers and started her work on 6 November 2017.


NTUC deputy secretary general Patrick Tay said in a Facebook post that the workers' movement will continue to work with its tripartite partners to "take care of the well-being, wages and prospects for our employees".

He said: "While the market is recovering, there are still uncertainties, disruptions and restructuring that can lead to redundancies in various sectors.

"As we move forward, more can be done to encourage and support employers to proactively train and refine their employees and take them back as a last resort."

He added: "And if they withdraw, to do it honestly, responsibly and progressively, I strongly encourage both employers and employees to embrace future changes and distortions with the right attitude and right mindset – not to be considered as this period. to see a challenge and a threat but to transform it as an opportunity to reinvent, so that we remain ready, relevant and resilient. "

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