Bob Swan says that Intel will invest $ 1 billion in 14nm processes

Bob Swan, CFO and interim CEO of Intel, has confirmed that they are working to improve the company's production capacity and the high demand for 14nm processors that the market is currently experiencing.

Bob Swan says that Intel will invest $ 1 billion in 14nm processes

As discussed earlier, we have seen that the chip giant struggled to supply all its customers and that in some markets, including the EU market, this led to a significant shortage and price increase, with the costs of some of the latest generation of core processors. almost doubled.

Intel has started a very complicated adventure in recent years: the leap to the 10nm process, a transition that should have been made years ago according to the chip giant's roadmaps. It is clear that things did not go as planned and that Santa Clara is still having problems in effectively completing the transition to the 10-nm production process.

It is true that Intel already has a 10 nm processor on the market, the Core i3-8121U, but we are for the exception that confirms the rule because it is a simplified design that does not even have an integrated GPU, which is not the case is with the other Core i3, which is manufactured in the 14 nm process.

According to the latest Intel information, the 10nm process is commercially viable by the end of 2019, which means that they have to centralize their production around the 14nm process for at least another year.

With this scenario, it is not surprising that Bob Swan wanted to continue and confirm that they will invest $ 1,000 million to strengthen their production capacity under the 14nm process. This is a message aimed at calming the market, but it is not always clear that it is sufficient to meet the growing demand, which will also be stimulated by the introduction of the new Core 9000 processors, a generation based on the 14 nm ++ process that Intel will launch mid-October.


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