Marketing for Profitability focus of Shepherds Symposium Home and family

Marketing for profitability is the theme of the Pennsylvania Shepherd's Symposium in 2018, which will take place on September 22 at the Pennsylvania Livestock Evaluation Center at Pennsylvania Furnace. The event starts at 9 o'clock in the morning and the day diary includes a variety of information related to marketing of sheep and lambs. The Pennsylvania Sheep and Wool Growers Association and Penn State Extension sponsor this annual event. Sally Scholle of the American Lamb Board will end the day with "What's Happening in the Lamb Industry." She provides an overview of the programs and resources of the American Lamb Board, as well as consumer trends and strategies for raising awareness and demand for American lamb. American Lamb Board offers a variety of recipes and informative brochures for producers to distribute to customers. Sandra Miller of Painted Hand Farm will share her experiences with the marketing of all ages and sizes of sheep from her herd. She will examine methods to diversify products to improve the profitability of meat and fiber. For producers who want to market meat products, Dr. Jonathan Campbell, specialist in meat practices of Penn State Extension, will cover Navigating the Regulations for direct meat and meat products in Pennsylvania. Melanie Barkley, Penn State Extension educator from Bedford County, will end the day by talking about lamb sizes and ages for ethnic markets. Barkley will also show how the products sold directly to the consumer can be placed in the prizes. After the education program, Pennsylvania sheep and wool breeders will hold their annual meeting. There are costs associated with the workshop. Families can also participate in a reduced rate for two adults and two children. The registration costs include lunch, hand-out materials and annual reception reception. For more information, go to the Facebook page about sheep and wool breeders in Pennsylvania or contact Melanie Barkley at 814-623-4800 or [email protected] Registration deadline is 15 September.

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