United Overseas Bank (UOVEY) Rating reduced to sell at Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research downgraded shares of United Overseas Bank (OTCMKTS: UOVEY) from a sustained classification to a sales classification in a report published on Friday 3 August.

According to Zacks: "UOB is a leading bank in Singapore offering a wide range of financial services through its global network of more than 500 offices in 18 countries and territories in Asia-Pacific, Western Europe and North America. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and mainland China, UOB strives for an active and meaningful role in the community with our focus on children, education and art. "

Separately, ValuEngine United Overseas Bank lowered a buy rating to a hold rating in a report on Tuesday, May 29.

OTCMKTS shares: UOVEY opened at $ 39.34 on Friday. United Overseas Bank has a 1-year low of $ 34.11 and a 1-year high of $ 45.98. The company has a short ratio of 1.10, a current ratio of 1.10 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.64. The company has a market capitalization of $ 32.95 billion, a PE ratio of 4.30 and a beta of 1.16.

The company has also recently announced a half-yearly dividend that will be paid on Friday, September 7. Shareholders of record on Wednesday, August 15, will receive a dividend of $ 0.732 per share. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Tuesday 14 August. The pay-out ratio of United Overseas Bank currently stands at 50.87%.

United Overseas Bank Company Profile

United Overseas Bank Limited offers financial products and services. The company's Group Retail segment offers products for deposits, insurances, cards, asset management, investments and loans and trade finance for private and small business customers. The Wholesale Group Banking segment offers financing, trading, cash management, capital markets solutions and advice and treasury products and services.

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