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Brezhnev was horrified fans with folds on the "beer belly"

Fans are clearly not used to seeing "ex-viagra" in this way.

Брежнева ужаснула фанатов складками на «пивном» пузе

Fans of Vera Brezhneva had the habit of seeing the star in the traditional way of "sex bomb", and everything else shocked them. It is therefore not surprising that made on one of the public receptions photo Brezhneva horrified fans. For example, the singer proved the image of the most desirable women in Russia, where she was repeatedly recognized as the male edition, it is very far away, if it does not come with photoshop.

On the online website, the photo on Brezhneva interviews a part of the star edition. It shows every mistake in the body of a celebrity, but especially attracts the attention of "the beer", according to fans, the belly of a celebrity. Immediately comes to mind, what is inimitable in the photo's Brezhnev stands, and what it really is. Fans sincerely believe that such open outfits as the photo 's that the singer chooses are certainly not worth it.

Some decided not to restrict these barbs and also advised Brezhneva to remember their size, a celebrity and go to the gym and put your body in order, so that she no longer needed to wear a nylon corset in which she is in this picture. pictured. .

Брежнева ужаснула фанатов складками на «пивном» пузе

There were, however, and the defenders of a celebrity, saying that fans sometimes forget that celebrities are also normal people, and that is why the problem with the figure for them is the same common cause, as for ordinary citizens.

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