Andhra Pradesh: Minister faces heat as government pays Rs 2.88 lakh dental treatment bill

By: Express News Service | Hyderabad

Published: August 25, 2018 3:56:14 pm

Andhra Pradesh Minister of Finance Yanamala Ramakrishnudu is facing criticism after the state government has reimbursed his Rs 2.88 lakh dental treatment bill.

Ramakrishnudu had been treated with root canal treatment at Azure Dental in Singapore on April 12, and the Rs 2.88823 accounted for the procedure to Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Trust – trust implements the AP government health plan to provide financial assistance to BPL families. All ministers and government employees, including the All India Service officials, are covered by the scheme and can claim reimbursement.

On 23 August, the AP government issued a government order that penalized the amount as medical reimbursement.

Even when the YSR opposition party launched an attack on the TDP minister and accused him of abusing & # 39; of government money, Ramakrishnudu claimed that he had not specifically gone to treatment in Singapore.

"I had accompanied the Chief Minister and Urban Development Minister Dr. P Narayana during an official visit to Singapore in April, where I developed a serious problem and had to undergo the procedure of the root canal, I could not stop the visit and to Andhra The problem was very acute and I had to do it there myself, although it was very expensive … I paid about $ 5,000 Singapore.As ministers can request reimbursement, I signed up and the government has it sanctioned, "he said.

The opposition has, however, reversed its claim. "In reality, TDP ministers and leaders are misusing public money for personal needs, who could have received treatment here in the state of Rs 10,000. What was the need to spend Rs 2.88 lakh on such a simple treatment?" YSR party leader K Parthasarathy said.

In February Kerala Assembly Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan had criticism after the government had paid him Rs 49,900 for glasses. The speaker had claimed that an ophthalmologist advised him to buy the spectacles that Rs 45,000 had been priced.

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