AVA had to act faster in the case of contaminated children's milk, Letters in printed news and top stories

The report on the contaminated baby milk revealed that Dairy Farm had been informed about a preventive recall of the contaminated milk on 14 August and that the affected cans were removed from the Cold Storage and Giant shelves that day (Contaminated Dumex infant milk used by KKH and NUH between August 1 and 20: MOH, August 21st).

This means that there was a delay of about one week before the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) made the public announcement, although supermarkets were previously notified.

This delay is far too long for an infected product that could have serious adverse effects, including deaths, for newborn babies.

My child was born on August 16 this year and we have supplemented his feeds with the infected batch of Dumex Mamil Gold infant formula between August 18 and August 21 prior to the AVA announcement. If the announcement had been announced earlier, he would not have been exposed to the risk of Cronobacter infection. Now we have to check his health for signs of an infection, given the incubation period of four to 21 days.

If AVA had made the announcement earlier, this would have reduced the number of feeds that many babies would have taken from the affected milk powder.

Grace Lim Kor Lei (Ms)

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