Clean the hutch centers and win the Unesco prize, Letters in printed news and top stories

I am very pleased with the suggestion of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to nominate our rich hawker culture for Unesco's intangible cultural heritage during his recent National Day Rally speech.

Singaporeans and the Singapore Tourism Board will be able to offer our rich Hawker culture to tourists with ease.

But when the United Nations officials assess our Hawker culture, they will certainly take into account the cleanliness of our Hawker centers.

If we want to get a chance to get the prize, the minimum we have to do is clean up our dining area after we're done.

We have all taught in Singapore at home, at school and in military camps to bring our utensils and signs back to designated places.

Strangely enough, our habits change when we go to work.

It is disgusting to see shrimp shells, chicken and fish bones, tissue paper and other trash on table tables after someone has eaten. Everyone must take the initiative to clean up and return his utensils and trays after he has finished eating.

Our campaigns in the Hawker centers in the past decade have not been very successful.

It is unfortunate that, although Singapore has changed from a Third World to the country of the First World where it concerns our economy and education standards, we still have a long way to keep our country clean and green.

David Goh Chee How

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