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For almost two years, a small project that has been staged in the empty deck of a Tampines Housing Board block has quietly contributed to the needy.

Under a grassroots initiative called My Kind Of Fridge two large fridges and a freezer on the empty deck of Block 441 Tampines Avenue 10 are for the public to donate fresh food, whether it be vegetables, fish, meat, eggs or fruit is for needy residents of blocks 441 and 442.

MP for Tampines GRC and chairman of the Tampines Town Council, Baey Yam Keng, told the Sunday Times yesterday that the initiative, which began last January, is supported by the city council.

M. Baey, 48, explained: "There were initially only two refrigerators. The freezer was added later when a group of anglers caught their catch and asked for more space."

He added that there are about 100 rental units in the two blocks that operate the refrigerators. The refrigerators, which are open 24 hours a day, have signs that say: "Take what you need, leave something behind for neighbors in need."

From photo's of the initiative on Facebook, at least one of the fridges has a halal plate. The freezer also has a plate that says no pork is allowed, because it is reserved for the donation of fish.

Residents are not the only ones who contribute to the initiative. Mr Baey posted on his Twitter account last Tuesday that a restaurant donated five baskets of vegetables.

Netizens respond well to the initiative.

Facebook user and fisherman Albert Lim responded to a message about the initiative: "Let's do it all together to help more people! (The best) fishing kakis (Malay word that buddy can mean) donate constantly to the fridge!"

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