Cost implications a factor in the design of public hospitals: MOH, Singapore News & Top stories

The government must take into account the cost implications when designing facilities for public hospitals, a Health Ministry spokesperson (MOH) said in response to questions from The Sunday Times.

"The subsidized departments in our public hospitals meet the essential needs of patients and are designed for natural ventilation," said the spokesman. "Patients who prefer air-conditioned accommodation can opt for A or B1 types."

He added that the Ministry has improved the design and infrastructure facilities in newer public hospitals.

"We will continue to review designs and explore new technologies while keeping them in balance with continued access to affordable healthcare," said the spokesperson.

A spokesperson for the National University Hospital said that every bed in subsidized departments is equipped with an individual ceiling fan. Patients can adjust fan speeds to their preferences.

"Spot cooling is also used in some places to reduce the ambient temperature," he said.

A spokesman for General Hospital Ng Teng Fong said the planners studied the angles and orientation of the sun when the hospital and the adjacent Jurong Community Hospital were built.

This allowed them to orient residential towers in a way that improved daylight, reduced glare and heat, and benefited from wind conditions to promote ventilation, he added. The hospital was officially opened in 2015.

Linette Lai

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