Dinner delivered after seeing pigeons fly in stalls at Yishun eating house

Stomper Jason was eating at BGAIN 293 Eating House in Yishun at 13.13 hours on Aug. 24 when he saw pigeons fly in a few stalls.

According to him there were about four birds in one of the stalls.

Jason said: "The birds were inside, in the stable, in the food preparation area. They flew down and picked up the food and then flew back to the fridge.

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"The person at the stable just did her things.

"That was not the only stall with birds flying around, I see the birds fly in other stalls.

"I feel that more needs to be done on management [of the eating house] part to ensure the cleanliness of its stalls. "

Even in the food industry, Jason wanted to share his concern about the cleanliness of food preparation in Singapore.

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