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A former National University of Singapore (NUS) senior psychology teacher, who was on the run for about 17 years after having molested teenage boys during a school camp in 1999, now faces five angry accusations of modesty.

The Singaporean Chan Cheng, now 58, did not appear in court on November 29, 1999 and issued an arrest warrant. The former president of the Singapore Psychological Society later canceled his contract by NUS after he did not show up for work.

He fled to Malaysia and was sent back to Singapore in December 2016.

On the fourth day of his trial yesterday, a court heard that he reportedly had molested a boy in front of the teenager's friend during the school camp.

The schoolmate of the boy testified that he rested on the top bed of a bed with the alleged victim in the neighborhood, while the former don would have committed the offense. The witness, now a 32-year-old technician, told district judge Shaiffudin Saruwan that he heard Chan ask his friend if he was in pain before massaging the boy's thighs.

The man added: "Dr. Chan kept on turning upside-down to (he touched my friend) private parts … He rubbed a circular way (my friend) was shocked, his eyes were big."

Chan, from the department of social work and psychology at the university, is facing five angry accusations of accusations of five boys. The teenagers were then in Secondary 1.

He would have harassed them during the three-day school camp between 28 and 30 June 1999 in 1999 at the Guillemard camp on the Old Airport Road.

Van Chan was said to have his own company, known as Procamps, to teach study skills to young people. He also organized camps for children during school holidays.

Yesterday the technician testified that he was shocked when he saw Chan touch his friend. Nevertheless, he told no one what he had seen, because he thought it was "not so serious".

When the camp ended, the witness remembered a teacher who asked the students if they were being harassed or seen that their friends were being touched in an inappropriate way. However, he could not remember any details about such exchanges.

Chan, who obtained his doctorate from Oxford University, was officially on leave from November 29 to December 18, 1999, and was last seen at NUS on November 23 of that year.

He is represented by lawyer Ramesh Tiwary and is on bail of $ 60,000. The trial will resume on Friday. Perpetrators can be detained for up to two years and fined or imposed on every count of molestation. Chan can not be admitted if he is more than 50 years old.

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