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The first hearing by a high-level panel on the largest cyber attack in Singapore is taking place today.

The four-member research committee (COI), whose task it is to carry out the infringement with regard to the private data of 1.5 million SingHealth patients to the bottom, will meet behind closed doors in an undisclosed location.

This is because information about the national security or confidentiality of the patient is expected to be shared.

The Attorney General's rooms will lead the evidence of the first witness, but it is not known who will take the stand today. The AGC has provided evidence in previous COI hearings, such as the investigation into the riot in Little India in December 2013.

Mr. Cedric Foo, Chairman of the Government's Government Communications and Information Committee, said yesterday against The Straits Times that the goals are very clear. He expects the COI to shed light on what led to the data breach and how public health care can strengthen its answers and defenses in the future.

"There is also an ongoing police investigation and an investigation by the watchdog of Singapore's privacy," he said. "The public expects the research to be robust and that the results will be communicated in a transparent manner."

In particular, the Personal Data Protection Commission examines security risks by SingHealth and its Integrated Health Information Systems (iHiS) provider for technology outsourcing, and whether they are liable for a fine of up to $ 1 million under the Protection Act personal data.

Mr. Cedric Foo, chairman of the parliamentary committee for communication and information from the government, said that the objectives are very clear. He expects the COI to shed light on what led to the data breach and how public health care can strengthen its answers and defenses in the future.

The SingHealth attack also led to the leakage of ambulatory prescription information from 160,000 people, including prime minister Lee Hsien Loong and various ministers.

Mr. Aloysius Cheang, Asia-Pacific Executive Vice President of the Center for Strategic Cyber ​​Space + Security Science, a London-based think tank, said that the public should receive regular updates on the milestones reached in critical infrastructure protection.

"The industry is an important stakeholder as part of the cybersecurity ecosystem and should be able to actively participate in improving the way we do things," Mr. Cheang said.

The COI, led by former headquarters judge Richard Magnus, met on July 24 to inquire about the events and contributing factors that led to the violation that took place between June 27 and July 4.

The Cyber ​​Security Agency (CSA) received a report on the violation on 10 July. It investigated the SingHealth attack with the support of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Singaporeans were told about the breach on July 20th.

The other COI members are Mr. Lee Fook Sun, executive chairman of cybersecurity company Quann World; Mr. T.K. Udairam, Group Chief Operating Officer of Sheares Healthcare Management; and Ms. Cham Hui Fong, assistant secretary general of the National Trades Union Congress.

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