Former PSC president Eddie Teo appointed as a member of the board of presidential advisers

SINGAPORE: A month after veteran officer Eddie Teo retired as chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), he was appointed a member of the Council of Presidential Advisors (CPA).

The council advises President Halimah Yacob before exercising her discretionary powers on fiscal matters in connection with Singapore's former reserves and the appointment of significant public office bearers.

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The President's Office said in a press release on Monday (August 27) that Mr. Teo had been appointed, on the advice of Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, as a member of the CPA from August 15 of this year to June 1, 2020.

He replaces Mr. Lee Tzu Yang, who resigned as a member of the board on August 6 after taking over the previous position of Mr. Teo as chairman of PSC.

Eddie Teo sworn in as a member of the presidential council of advisors

Mr. Teo was sworn in at Istana on Monday (27 August).

Mdm Halimah said in a message on Facebook that she was "happy" that Mr. Teo joined the board.

"I am confident that Mr. Teo will serve the counsel and give good advice to the president in exercising deprivation of liberty and discretion," she wrote.

The Board consists of eight members and two deputy members. Three members are appointed by the president at their own discretion, three are the nominated members of the prime minister, one is the nominated person of the Chief Justice and one is the candidate of the chairman of PSC.

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In addition, a deputy member is appointed by the president, at his discretion, while another is appointed by the president on the advice of the Prime Minister, in consultation with the Chief Justice and the chairman of PSC.

The current chairman of the CPA is Mr. J Y Pillay, who was reappointed in September last year.

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