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In light of the challenges facing the country and the cost-of-living management tips given by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the national holiday, some government agencies should consider changing their taglines to be more in line with the time.

Let's start with the National Environment Agency, which manages the Hawker centers of Singapore. Premier Lee has called on Singaporeans to eat meals that cost $ 3 or less.

The current NEA tagline is Support, cherish, nurture.

It is a maternity line that does not really say anything. Why not change to: More Hawker centers to help you save more.

Then there is PUB, the national water agency of Singapore, that uses the slogan Water for everyone: keep, appreciate, enjoy.

It tries to say too many things at once. A more slogan, with a view to PM Lee's advice to reduce water consumption, would be:

Conserve Water: Shower Less, Flush Less.

You might recall that SingHealth, the largest healthcare group in Singapore, recently had a cyber attack. The most serious breach of personal data resulted in the theft of 1.5 million patient data.

The current SingHealh tagline is Excellence in healthcare, education and research.

Again, it tries to say and promise too much. A more relevant and memorable one would be: We take care of your health, not your data.

There is also the Land Transport Authority, which is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure and land transport systems in Singapore. Their slogan is We keep your world moving.

In the light of frequent train errors and train failures, a more relevant slogan would be: Often Moving, Sometimes stoppage, but we'll keep you going.

We have to reserve the best for the last time. The People & # 39; s Action Party has this slogan on their website: With you, for you, for Singapore.

Does someone buy that? To be more precise, to attract more talents, and to ride on the current hit of the box office, the PAP should consider adopting the slogan: Poor pay too, get better crazy Rich like us.

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