Grab, URA works together to study the travel patterns of commuters

SINGAPORE: Ride-hailing company Grab and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) have agreed to jointly study the travel pattern of commuters in Singapore, in an attempt to improve the efficiency of the transport network in the city.

In the memorandum of understanding, Grab and URA agreed to a joint analysis of one year of data on land use and mobility, the two companies reported in a joint press release on Tuesday (28 August).

Concretely, the joint research will try to obtain better insights into the travel patterns of commuters who make use of trip-dependent services, as well as the types and times of travel, according to Grab and URA.

The data used by both parties is anonymised and aggregated. All personal data will be removed from the data prior to the analysis, according to the release.

Grab and URA also said that the collaboration provides data that "improve URA's insight into pendulum patterns and behavior to holistically improve the efficiency of public transportation in Singapore".

"With more information, we can better identify gaps, provide data-driven solutions and improve planning results for the public, and a good understanding of the ground also ensures that we continue to respond to the changing needs of the city," said the deputy director of URA, Han Yong How.

These insights may come in handy when planning land use and infrastructure to improve travel time and convenience for commuters, and ultimately, of a more auto-lite Singapore, the release said.

"As the city becomes more connected, it is important that Singapore also becomes more sustainable and liveable, and data quality will be crucial to help us," said Lim Kell Jay, head of Grab Singapore.

"By working together with the URA to combine data from both the private and public sectors, we hope to improve the efficiency of the transportation network in Singapore and better support the nation's urban planning," he added.

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