High voltage act at Night Festival, Photo & # 39; s News & Top stories

Science and art provide an electric combination in The Duel, one of the highlights of the Singapore Night Festival this year.

Made by the Lords Of Lightning performance art community, it has an enchanting reproduction of light and sound when two titans compete against an epic battle as they throw lightning bolts at each other.

The group, whose works are inspired by scientist Nikola Tesla, is a collaboration between New Zealander Carlos Van Camp and Arcadia, a collective in the field of performance art. Van Camp, who builds the most equipment in the shows, works behind the scenes, increases and decreases the produced voltage to give a rhythm to the performance. When he does not organize shows, he is an electrical engineer who specializes in yachts and motor boats.

The Duel is performed at various times from 7.45 pm at Cathay Green from tomorrow to Saturday – also the last day of the Night Festival this year.

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