Ho Ching shares the link for renting HDB flats in the national debate on lease contracts of 99 years

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Last night the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek and the wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared a link on her Facebook page to Housing Development Board (HDB) flat rental on propertyguru.com.sg.

Usually this hardly means anything other than what it is, its post comes at a time after Prime Minister National Rally from PM Lee, which has fueled the nationwide debate about the diminishing 99-year lease contracts of HDB flats.

Posted by HO Ching on Sunday, August 26, 2018

The eighty per cent of Singaporean people living in a social dwelling received many questions and even greater uncertainty about their flats when Prime Minister Lee said: "Young couples who buy an apartment today probably would not have as great a rating as [those] who bought the flat 40 years ago, because our economy is maturing and it can not grow so quickly. But you still get a good lead because the government helps you with a subsidized flat or housing subsidy, and often both. And as long as our economy grows, the value of the flat will rise for many years, but not so dramatically. "

PM Lee also added: "After having lived in your flat for 30 or 40 years, it will still have a good number of leases of more than 60. That is long enough to maintain a substantial value and a good pension for a nest egg "

Although Prime Minister Lee explained the choices he had with his aging flat, many Singaporeans addressed the problems related to how the government wanted to support the depreciation of their flat.

Because of this, the Singaporeans were amazed, unhappy and worried about the lease agreements of their flats of 99 years, of which they might see little or no return.

Former nominated MP Calvin Cheng suggested what one could do in a Facebook message.

Look. It's very simple. If you think the government is cheating on you, that you're really a tenant, and it's a …

Posted by Calvin Cheng on Friday, August 24, 2018

He said, "Look, it's very simple: if you think the government is cheating on you, that you're really a tenant, and it's a lease, it's a rental, do not do an HDB flat for God's sake. it is the same as renting for you, please go rent a lot of these around ".

Most netizens agreed with Cheng, even Ho Ching, who & # 39; liked & # 39; and the link shared that Cheng had prepared with HDB rental.

Some Singaporeans have also given their views on why HDB flats have signed leases and how this differs from rent.

Even lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam came up with the issue.


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