How the global clinic supports the developing world with good health

Man of the hour

A key figure for Global Clinic's medical travel is Generation T 2018 lister, Marcus Ang. The consultant of the ophthalmologist of the Singapore National Eye Center, who leads the non-profit vision team as founder, is a strong proponent of removing geographical boundaries and making minor eyes more accessible. In 2014, Marcus started the Mobile Eye Clinic, which established pop-up eye clinics in the heart of Singapore to be easily accessible to elderly and needy people.

In November he will lead a team of about 30 volunteers during the third mission trip from the Global Clinic to the Okpho District in Myanmar. The goal: to treat approximately 4,000 patients in the Yangon Eye Hospital and to perform up to 500 eye-related surgical procedures. In order to finance this trip, Global Clinic organizes its first fundraising charity by invitation on 27 August, in club for members only, 1880.

The inauguration Global Clinic Charity Auction Night 2018, of which Generation T is official media partner, hopes to raise $ 100,000 and sees exciting experiences like dinners with a Michelin star and wonderful holidays to offer. Guests will also enjoy snacks by famous chef Ryan Hong and entertainment by jazz quartet, Synapse.

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