Inside Our Factories – Video on Demand

Inside Our Factories is a documentary documentary in which the color range of factories from the sixties to modern Singapore is celebrated, in which the factories have evolved with the economy over the years.

The film gains access to six factories that have very different products – from simple wooden pallets that can serve as an "economic indicator" to high-end memory chips that empower our modern lives. There are lesser-known stories, such as a munitions factory that produces a world-class grenade, and a printing company that still produces old-school accounting books.

The film places the people in these factories at the forefront. We hear their personal stories, collective memories and ambitions. And understand why factories are more for many of them than just a workplace.

Filmed in cinematic style, the film shows factories of Singapore in a way that has never been seen before.

Do not miss the short clips that offer an intimate view of how things are made (in "Extras").

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