Inspiring teacher prices: Boey's maternal care encourages us to study hard

Of all teachers who have passed Karry & # 39; s life, her teacher Zhenghua Secondary School, Mrs. Boey, has the biggest impact on her.

Here is Karry's entry for the Samsung-Stomp inspiring teacher prizes:

"Mrs. Boey is one of my teachers at school.

"She is the so-called mother of our class, since she cares for each of us.

"Every time the class is noisy, she tolerates the noise we make and she is hardly angry with us unless it becomes super noisy.

"She also teaches us science and will go through the questions and answers when we are done.

"If we have questions about what we do not understand, they will go through them slowly so that we understand the questions better and how we get the answers.

"She is willing to help us when we need her help and it feels so different without her at school.

"She also encourages us to study hard so that we can discuss the courses we want to follow in ITE."

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