Inspiring teacher prices: Mr Hairol offered to confiscate my phone every day because I was addicted to it

Mr. Hairol of Anderson Secondary School has not only taught Elton different life skills, but also went at a distance to help him curb his phone addiction.

Here is the mention of the 14-year-old Elton for the Samsung-Stomp inspiring teacher prizes:

"The teacher I would like to nominate is Mr. Hairol, he is my teacher of forms and my art teacher.

"As a teacher of form, he has taught us many life skills, such as punctuality, and by ensuring that we gather together early in the morning meeting, we have learned how important punctuality is.

"Apart from that, I would call myself a kind of telephone addict.

"To help me, Mr. Hairol offered to confiscate my phone every day and send it back after school.

"By doing this, he really helped me to exercise control and he had to sacrifice a lot of time to return the phone to me at the end of the day.

"I feel that he deserves the Inspiring Teachers Award because he inspired us in the first place to arrive on time and secondly, he sacrifices his time to help his students.

"When I need help with project work, like managing other members, he would also advise me patiently about what to do."

The competition is now closed and the winners will be contacted shortly.

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