ISS International School offers a preparation course for the IB program

ISS International School Singapore offers Preparation for high school that prepares students for participation in IBMYP 4 or 5 (groups 9 and 10) and then gains access to the IB Diploma program (group 11 and 12). In addition to intensive English education, students also learn mathematics, science, humanities, art and physical education.

ISS International School has set up this program to enable students & # 39; on schedule & # 39; to stay and not to be obliged to repeat academic years or to take lessons with students who are not of the same age.

The course is taught by ISS teachers who specialize in accelerating the learning of an English language. Programs with diagnostic tools that highlight the needs of students are used and the progress of each student is carefully monitored to maximize his ability to quickly learn the skills and language required to participate in the MYP program.

For information and registration requirements, please contact our Admissions Team at +65 6475 4188 or [email protected], or click here.

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